I can provide a range of services pro bono for NGO/non profit organizations, churches, and public sector organizations (expenses such as travel covered by client, documented proof such as a 501(c3) is required); however, services are only available as my time outside of my regular work and study permit.


I am able to come alongside organizations in assisting them at:

  • Discerning or clarifying their mission and strategy.
  • Organizing their leadership and management.
  • Project management.
  • Providing human behavioral expertise as it relates to crime and justice.


It is important to research other organizations before engaging them. I am proficient at researching organizations, the personalities within the organization, as well as relaying information which will assist in interacting with them. Most frequently research relates to seeking or approving donations; however, I am also able to perform a wide variety of research within the social sciences academic realm. I am not a private investigator and do not provide private investigation services.

Information Technology

I can provide expertise in open source strategy and direction for your organization. Why pay thousands in licensing fees when viable solutions exist at no cost? I have led NGO organizations of over 200 employees through IT transformations that resulted in savings of tens of thousands of US Dollars using technologies such as Linux,, Ebox, and other open source software packages. I currently do IT consulting and services through my Singapore based company: GeekOut Technologies.