Patrol DaysGreetings,

My name is Isaac Johnson and I began this page as a graduate student majoring in criminal justice. Criminal justice has been a life long passion of mine and as such I received my bachelors degree in justice studies in 2001 and more recently, I received my masters degree in criminal justice (2011). I have worked as a police officer and later as a consultant in information technology and management/leadership for non profit and non government organizations. As of 2014, most of my justice research has been related to liberation theologies but I haven’t posted very much.

Please enjoy the site, I hope you are able to glean insight into the fascinating world of criminal justice. On the site you will find quite a bit of information related to information technology or administration in general; however, these are all techniques I’ve found useful for the non profit/NGO and government sectors.

If you are interested in obtaining help for your organization, feel free to see my resume and services pages. I get a lot of requests for legal advice or advocacy, but it’s best to consult a bar recognized lawyer within your area when you have legal grievances. Also, these papers are not here for your academic dishonesty, all of them were A papers, but most were submitted to turnitin.com and will result in you having a very low originality score if your professor checks. If you are a student, do feel free to examine the papers for style, formatting, and organization as they culminated in graduating with honors.


Isaac Johnson