Summary Resume

(Additional available upon legitimate request)


Name: Isaac Johnson
Nationality: USA
Residencies: Singapore Permanent Resident


Master of Divinity
Completion Date: Summer 2018

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (with Honors)
Completion Date: August 2011
Deans list and Honor Society
Member of Kappa Kappa branch of Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society
Member of Golden Key, APUS branch

Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies
Completion Date: Spring 2001

Work/Volunteer Experience:

Organization: GeekOut Technologies

  • Founder & CEO:
  1. Slashed IT budget of a medium sized church in half by employing proactive procedures and moving services to the cloud.
  2. Increased up-time of laptops and workstations in a medium sized social enterprise thereby improving productivity.

Organization: International Non Government Organization

  • IT Consultant/IT Director:
  1. Led and trained a team of Chinese IT technicians from a state of low technical and problem solving competence to become competent problem solvers in the field of information technology as well as developing leadership skills amongst them, one of whom is now the IT Director.
  2. Implemented out of the box solutions to organizational problems such as migration to Linux based networks that resulted in decreases in labor costs, software costs, and costs related to down time while improving staff productivity.
  3. Interacted with accounting and finance departments to improve work flow as well as personally forensically reviewing accounts that resulted in the discovery of overĀ  500,000 RMB in errors.
  4. Interacted with various NGO’s and companies around Yunnan province and provided solutions for their IT infrastructure needs.
  • Project Development Coordinator:
  1. Coordinated the manpower and fiscal resources at the disposal of the project development and evaluation team.
  2. Actively assessed and engaged departments in Bless China International to bring them in line with the larger organizational vision, mission, values, and goals.
  3. Successfully wrote proposals, grant applications, and implementation plans for multi million dollar projects. Successfully interacted with large donors such as Lien Aid and The Leprosy Mission International.
  4. Trained other staff in management, budgeting, leadership, and consulting skills.
  5. Regularly approached with additional leadership responsibilities.
  6. Successfully made proposals and recommendations on restructuring to enhance effectiveness.

Organization: Large Non Profit Organization

  • Ministry Intern
  1. Organized a children’s ministry of over 500 elementary school students (6 yoa – 12 yoa) including the organization of over 50 volunteers.
  2. Edited and disseminated curriculum for volunteers as well as organized training and volunteer appreciation sessions.
  3. Performed graphic design duties and branding for campaigns, summer camps, programs, and events.
  4. Wrote and implemented an SQL database for a social services program that provides food, debt assistance, and medical care for more than 50 different families a week and thousands of families per year.

Organization: Municipal Police Department

  • Reserve Officer
  1. Worked primarily in downtown bicycle patrol.
  2. Worked with various members of the community to identify community problems and pro-actively address problems such as resolving disputes between rival groups at the skateboard park.
  3. Responded to calls for service.
  4. Enforced laws, ordinances, and traffic codes.
  5. Affected arrests of wanted individuals and individuals involved in criminal activities.
  6. Controlled streets and intersections for parades, marathons, triathlons, and conventions, including securing areas during large interdepartmental operations between FBI, BATF, Idaho State Patrol, County Sheriff, and municipal departments.
  7. Acted as an information resource for members of the public.
  8. Secured buildings awaiting search warrant or forensic/investigation specialists.
  9. Investigated, reported, and solved minor crimes such as burglary, shop lifting, and theft.
  10. Resolved conflicts through innovation and problem solving skills.

Organization: Juvenile Detention Center

  • Corrections Officer
  1. Responsible for the safety and security of juvenile inmates and facility guests.
  2. Directed groups of juvenile inmates in daily chores.
  3. Transferred inmates to and from court, medical/psychiatric appointments, and between state and county detention facilities.
  4. Logged daily activities around facility including records pertaining to the mental health of inmates.

Language Proficiencies:

English: Post Graduate level writing, comprehension, and verbal.

Chinese (Primarily Mandarin): Intermediate level writing, comprehension, and verbal.